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Visiting mummy and Adrian...

Hey there little man ...
 that time of the year again.I dont know what to say bubba.i thinbk of you everyday, i think of all my boys everyday . I miss you.Im sorry.Its been 4 years since u left us, its been 14 months since they all left me.Why does everything i love get taken away from me...I feel like i have failed u in everway im sorry.i couldnt keep my promise.

                                    24th March 2009
 Happy 5th Birthday Little Man. Still miss you very much...And hope you are having a good day with lots of playtime ... Daddy misses u alot i hope you hear me talking to you all the time, your never far from my thoughts especially now a days ... I hope your being a good little boy watching over your mummy and little bro's like i asked you too ... Dont worry we'll be togeather again soon and we can both watch over our family togeather ... love u and miss you little man

                       Thinking of you Monkey
Hey angel baby, Just wanted to let you know that I miss you soo much baby, and I'm thinking of you all the time. But you already know that dont you... I hope you caught all the balloons that were sent up to you on your angelversary . I see you shine so brightly every night and send you heaps of kisses monkey. Love you forever.

                               Sept 23rd 2008
Hey buddy, been 3 very long and trying years now and you have never ever left 'Our' thoughts...When i think of my boys when i mention my boys you are and awlays will be at the forefront...You were and still are 'our' first beautiful boy...i miss you dearly especially now during these trying times...
 Im very sure mummy and your brothers are thinking of you and i know this must be very hard for your mummy so watch over her for me ok...fuk i miss you and all my little 'Buddys'.

24th march 2008
Happy 4th Birthday little dude ...
we miss you so much ...
 I wonder what u are doing on this special day of yours ... I hope you are watching over all your little brothers and are having just as much fun as mum and dad are in trying to keep up with your little brothers ... Cant help wondering what life would be like if u hadnt had to leave us . Just watching the way Zakk picks things up so quickly by watching aidrian i cant help but imagine what aidy would be like if he had you here to look up to ... Even watching Aidy with his tiny little brother Harris , makes me wonder also how things could have been different ... Aidy looks so much like you now ...
 I know you would have been speaking lots by now ( what would u have said)... and judging by the way Aidy an Zakk are always constantly at my computer i can only imagine how you would have been ... and what games u would have liked to play ...what foods and sweets would be your fav... what shows would u haved loved ( im gathering you would still love the simpsons like we all do) what songs would you have danced around too ... would u have followed us around and been mummy little helper and daddys best buddy ...                                                                                        just wondering
  Happy Birthday Boy

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