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2nd September 2005

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September 2nd
 Damien must have over heard that they couldnt get a room down in 'ICU' for him so he decided to take matters into his own hands.I think it was about 2 am this morning when they called a doctor down from 'ICU' just to have a look at his breathing (He has had a doc down from there everynight this week just to check on him).An hour later there was a 'MET' alert and Damien was transferred back down to 'ICU' , his breathing had stopped a couple of times and had to be given a gentle shake to get him going again , he also went his lovely shade of blue and his heart rate and saturations dropped. There is no talk yet of him having an 'MRI' scan  i guess they want to settle him first that or they think he is in too risky of a condition for the general anesthetic. His cardiologist walked in this morning and asked how he went with the 'MRI' so i guess theres a lot of catching up for them to do before they can continue with the scan.Damien is wide awake and very restless so hopefully he will get some more sedation to calm him a bit.He is back on the ventilator and also has one line in him this time.
 This is pretty much what they have been expecting of his condition.To get him to a certain point then have him crash again , A back an forth dance between 7 West and ICU.Hopefully when they do the 'MRI' they will find somthing there that is pushing up against his airways if they dont....... well theres not much left that they can do for him.
  "If life is like a box of chocolates...Who keeps handing out the shit sandwhiches..."