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I read this poem on a site I have been going to for support.  The moment I read it, I was touched.  It said everything I felt and thought.  It was written for a beautiful little girl named Gracie.  Her mummy wrote it for her and I think it is just perfect.  Please visit Gracie's website at http://www.graciebutterfly.zoomshare.com
My Heart, My Soul, My Butterfly..
Grace Anne ~ 3-18-04~6-5-05
If Only I Knew....
If only I knew
our days would be so few,
there are a million things that
I would do...
Shower you with hugs and kisses galore
even more than I did before
I would have given you more treats and lots
of sweets and not be so concerned that they
are not good for you to eat
I would have let you stay up later,
although I know thats not right,
instead of telling you, "Gracie, its time
for night, night".
If only I knew it was my last day with you
I would have filled it with things we never
got to do, I would have taken you in my arms
and held you tight, I would have tried to save
you with all my might....If only I knew.