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Adrian 2:53 am 02/0705

It seems only fair to give Adrian a little page for himself , After all he spent his own time in hospital at Box Hill and also at the Royal Childrens with us and he also had his own fair share of compilcations and scares....
  Adrian was born on the 2nd of july 2005 at around 2:30 am...Our day started very normally but around 6pm Amanda started to get some pain...we were concerned but we figured everything would be ok...maybe we will just go down to the hospital just to be on the safe side (OH shit i thought last time we went in just to be on the safe side a baby popped out).After about 6 hrs they told us that baby was not coming out today and that i should go home...They would like to keep Amanda there so they could monitor her...By this time it was after midnight and we were both drained especially mandi...At around 2.30 am I recieved a phone call from the hospital saying that i should hurry and get in there the baby was coming.When i arrived Amanda was already being prepped for emergency c-section , This time they were not going to let me in because Amanda would be totally knocked out...At this point i started to get worried somthing was up and they werent going to tell me what until they had to...After about 20 mins and a lot of pacing the halls I heard  "Hey" is this ur baby "He gave us a bit of a scare there we could have lost them both".....3 words came to mind            " WHAT THE **** "....
 Placental Abruption they call it when the placenta separates
from the wall of the uterus....(Ewwww maybe mandi should be writing this out)...Well they couldnt tell whether the babys heartbeat was very faint or they couldnt find it or somthing had happened so they opted to go for emergency C-section...Amanda had lost a lot of blood but was doing fine and little Adrian had been placed in a oxygen box but he was also doing ok weighing in at 2.4kgs and was 5 weeks premature....After 24hrs they took away the oxygen and he was breathing just fine on his own .... They found that Adrian also had a V.S.D but that has since closed up....He stayed at Box Hill Hospital for another 5 weeks , for 2 of those weeks they were "babysitting" Adrian for us because we were busy at the Childrens hospital with Damien...
 It was quiet funny when all the doctors were doing there rounds at Box Hill...They would go around to each baby and discuss what was happening with them and what the plan for the day was and when they would get to Adrian they would laugh and have a play with him and say ' its such a pleasure to look after him for u we wish all the other little ones were as easy as him '....Adrian left soon after that and then came to live with us at the Ronald Mcdonald House where he was just a bigger hit with everyone there and at the Royal Childrens...Where there were times we wouldnt see adrian for a couple of hours The nurses there loved to pick him up and take him for a walk....
 Yesterday Amanda had taken Adrian for his regular check up , the doctor that was there was explaining to the other doctors Adrians history. " Born not breathing and with no heartbeat he was given cardiac massage and oxygen his heartbeat and breathing resumed after a minute"....
 UMMMM WHAT THE **** we werent even told anything like that before we were told that it was faint and they just had trouble finding it....Goes to show you that hospitals will only tell u if u really need to know....I guess they didnt want to worry us becuase of what had happened with Damiens birth.....still its bloody scary to know that even though he is doing so well now that it had gotten that close . Im just glad he is a fighter like his big bro....i dont know what i would do if i lost both my boys......

Adrian 1 day old

The proud Mum an Bubs

Labelled at the Rmcd house

Handsome just like the Father


Lochie and Adrian....the two Budda's

Whatcha Ya got there....

Bubs an Aunty Andreah

MR.Cool getting some sun

Did u hear the one about the 12inch pianist



The Boys

What the hell is this....

More Bug Eyes

Grumpy Bum..

Hands off !!!!!

Kisses for Brit

More grumpiness

Another one after the P.C

What A Face

Standing tall


Ronald Mcdonald House....

Bug Eyes!

Liam and Adrian

Maddie an Aids!

Hanging on the back porch

Cheeky Monkey



Happy Boy

Poking his toungue out!!!