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Little baby Damien-
I have known your dad for about 10 years, give or take- It seems like a lifetime!
I remember when your Daddy first told me about you- I came straight here and fell in love with t he beautiful boy with the angellic smile.
I was told you were sick, but I loved you nevertheless. You imprinted yourself into my heart and those people worldwide- I made sure everyone knew about  the brave little boy Damien. People grew to love you through the photos, the website and the updates from Rainbow Bridge. I was so proud to know that my friend had found such a lovely woman to share his life with and I knew how much you meant to them.
I spoke to your Daddy often, you went up and down but you always had a smile. A beautiful smile. I have inccluded the photo that I love, I have it at home so I can see your sweet little face every day.
You spent so long in hospital, but you had so much happiness in your heart, and being such a little man, we all loved you soooo much!
I bought you teddies to help you through your time in hospital- a big suprise but I know you loved them! They were your little friends and I only chose the best little teddies.
When i got the text at 8.15am on the Friday morning, I knew straight away. I rang your daddy and I was told you went to play with the angels. I cried, and cried. I was heartbroken that you left us so soon.
Damien, you are loved and thought of through out the world and now your job is to look after all the fur-kids at Rainbow Bridge. I know you will be having fun up there in heaven with all the little animals, and I will forever remember you as the sweetest, bravest and most loved little boy I know-
I will always remember you Damo-
Love your Aunty Mishka, and what an honour it is to be known as that!