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14th August 2005

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  August 14th 2005
  3 Days ago Damien was transfered back to the ward he was in when he was first admitted.It has been a slow and gruelling recovery  process for him but he is getting there.At first when he was transfered they had taken out all his iv lines upped his feeds (to 32mls) and stopped all of his sedation (which he was slowly getting weened of).
  He has been having alot of trouble sleeping though and that has concerned us alot because of the fact that when he was first admitted he was only gettin an hour or 2 a night and then he got real sick.Well we didnt want a repeat of that happening.But thats all that he was sleeping.The first night he got 2hrs,the second night he got 4hrs and the third night he had one hour.This is while he was being given drugs to help him to sleep but they didnt seem to be having all that much of an effect on him.We were at our wits end trying to figure out a away to get him to have some rest.Also calls in the middle of the night to come and calm him down were starting to take its toll on us.So what it came down to was taking out Damiens little cot and putting in a bed.That was last night Amanda got into the bed with him and with no drugs and ten minutes later Damien was fast asleep.He only had 5 hrs sleep but thats better than nothing.And today he also was given a bottle to have and he couldnt put it into his mouth any quicker.In fact he tried to get it into his mouth so quickly that he ended up sqirting milk into his eyes and all over his face.He was quiet content after his bottle and even ate some of the cheese from my cheeseburger after which he slowly drifted of to sleep for and hour with no encouragment or anyone in the bed with him. He got weighed today and now weighs 7.8 kgs his original weight when he was admitted was 8.6kgs. Once he tolerates a few more bottle feeds they will also take out his nasal gastric tube,and they have put in a line to give him some extra heprin and in a few hours they will remove the pacemaker wires.
  He will have to be given a drug simular to the heprin to combat his clot. This will have to be administered every 8 hrs by injection.We will have to learn how to do this as when he comes home he will still need it for at least the next 6-8 weeks. The needle itself is simular in size to an insulin needle
so as i used to have a little doggie that had diabetes it looks like i will be the one to be giving him these 'shots', somthing im not really looking forward too.
  On a lighter side of things this morning we took Adrian up to see his big bro, and we placed Adrian in the bed next to his brother for some pictures. Now i dont know whether Damien was jealous or just  getting  in early but he resorted to slappin Adrian on his forehead, which of course Adrian didnt like one bit and started getting grizzly. And even though we all were having a good laugh at it we knew we had to take Adrian out of there, so after i let Damien 'get a few more in' we rescued Adrian from his older brothers assaults.
 Damien is starting to act a little bit more like himself everyday and we even got a few more smiles which delighted everyone in the room.