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1st September 2005

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 1st September
 Been staring at this damn screen for 15 mins now so im just gonna start typing.Well Damien had his 'CT' scan booked for tuesday also with that they wanted an 'MRI' scan done as well.The 'CT' scan was originally to check how things were going in his 'Noggin' due mainly from the drugs that he has been on.The 'MRI' scan was to check his respiratory system they want to see if the cause of his 'collapsing' airways is due to any vessels pushing on his airways.Well anyway because it was not organised properly it was cancelled and rebooked for today. Well today's got cancelled as well , the reason being is that because of all of his problems they are worried about him when he is under the general anesthetic.They wont do the scans unless there is a backup bed for him in 'ICU' and a 'MET' call on the ready for him.This will probably be one of the last scans that they will do on Damien.If they dont find any vessels or any other reason for the airways collapsing then unfortunatly there is not a lot that they can do.As for the 'CT' scan Damien has come around a fair bit and we dont really think that it has done any damage. We have spoken to the cardiologist's and the respiraory doctors and they have told us what we can expect if they dont find anything that they can do.Not much more can be said until he has this 'MRI scan.It is pretty much our last hope now.