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4th September 2005

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September 4th
                         'Fathers Day'
   Well we are still in 'ICU' and had a kinda rocky night with damiens blood pressure and heart rate all over the place.He had a 'CT' scan done yesterday and has his 'MRI' scan booked for tomorrow...He has some swelling in his neck where they had to  put in another line, and because most of his veins have tissued they have trouble finding a good vein. So they put a central line in the neck , he also has an arterial line in his groin.
 He is very stable although he does have his moments when he rages so he is getting a good dose of drugs.Also Damiens is taking some nor-adreneline to keep his heart rate and blood pressure up.  He has been able to keep it steady for most of today.  Depending on what the results are from the scans the doctors may try to slowly ween him off all the sedatives and this will help to raise his heart rate and blood pressure again.
  Well this is my second Fathers day and the second time i have spent it at a hospital , Last time we were at Monash Medical Centre . As Moansh did as well i gotta A card from my little man wishing me and with a big ol footprint in the card as well . I also gotta a nice bottle of 'Wild Turkey' which i plan to drink today and hopefully get very drunk . I just wish we were all at home to celebrate ...........Oh well