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Damien's Habitat...

31st March 2006

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Friday 31 March
Dale and I would like to thank everyone for their beautiful messages to Damien on his birthday.  It's so wonderful to know that he was remembered on his special day.  We let his balloons off and it was great to hear that a special family were the ones to find them in Mont Albert....  I truly believe Damien had a hand in finding the perfect place for them to land.  We are getting there slowly, it's almost like two steps forward ten steps back.  We know Damien is up in heaven keeping an eye on his little brother and making sure everything goes ok.  It's still tough, just wanting to touch him again and hold him can spring up at the oddest times, totally unexpected... There will always be a deep pain in our hearts for all we will never get to enjoy with our little angel... we can only dream now.